Morning Light

I took my daughter, Sabine, to the MacLaughlin Park in Riverdale early Saturday morning. We had company and did not want to wake them with our songs and games. On a whim, I grabbed my camera in the event something caught my eye. 

We had the park to ourselves and the light was just perfect. Sabine was not "dressed" for a photoshoot, nor was the playground the most lush background. It was, however, a perfect representation of what our days are like today. 

She plays hard. She inspects meticulously. She tests the boundaries endlessly. Her skirt is often rumpled and her hair is often messy. This is who Sabine is. I would not "change" or "fluff" these photos for a million dollars. 


Sometimes I think we get too caught up trying to make the "perfect" photograph. We hunt for the perfect outfit. We search for the perfect location. We carefully select the perfect prop. 


I have lots of "perfect" photos of my daughter, yet these are some of my favorites. An excellent reminder that oftentimes the best images are those that do nothing more than capture life as it is today.