Sarah has taken beautiful photographs of my daughter as she has grown up this year. She has a natural gift for capturing my baby’s little personality as she has gone from sitting up, crawling, to walking. I am so grateful to have such high quality pictures of her milestones.
— Sarah Curland-Kasper, Riverdale, NY
Sarah has been a godsend. Photographing both of my boys at a young age, she was able to get my rather wild children focused and took absolutely beautiful portraits. I have seriously considered driving from Kentucky to New York just for another session.
— Katie Davis-Hines, Lexington, KY
At 6 months old I still didn’t have any professional photos of my son because I couldn’t find any photographers I liked, so I was thrilled when a friend of mine recommended Sarah. Her fun and engaging personality insured her ability to get amazing photos of my son, she even captured his first time sitting up on his own!! The quality of her work is a testament to her professionalism. I can’t wait for our next shoot!
— Liza Miller-Price, Riverdale, NY